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it was ok....

I dont mind the style of animation, it wasnt realistic (as far as animation can be) but its based on minecraft witch means even pixels are cool ^.^ i did like this flash, it was funny and having played minecraft i understood the jokes etc, but seriously the voice was SOOOOOO annoying! it was terrible!i would seriously have been more happy with microsoft sam, and i HATE microsoft sam! so because the voice was soooo bad it has really damaged the score that i would give.

Not bad

ive seen worse stuff make it so i cant see why yours wouldnt, not a bad flash id say, Grammer people! its so much better if the script sounds right. still it was good.

TheGreatestApocalips responds:

Well, if you like the voice go to see the version with voice


Nice pictures and all but kind of needs to do more then just show a "Forest Scene" then go back to the beginning. dont get me wrong it looks awsome i gave graphics a 10 but thats just it, its just a good picture nothing more?

Keep it up dude just include more on your next submission.

ArchGenocide responds:

thankyou man, yeah i should of done more but i didn't have time and i need somewhere to host it. But thanks for the review.

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A few different things to note... This game is so adictive, i got work tomorrow but i think im gonna call in sick and play this game instead, The idea of this game is awsome, everyone (whos old enough to drink anyway) who has been to a bar of any reputation has seen some of the tricks some bartenders can pull off and you think to yourself "wow thats awsome", this game puts you right there for both ups and downs, makeing people happy and keeping the people who want there drinks fast entertained, mistakes happen, wrong drinks are served its all just intence and crazy and this game does an awsome job at captureing that.

The game itself is extremely colourful, the characters look fun and exciting, bottles look like bottles, a glass looks like a glass etc (note some games cant even get that right :S ) the music suits the game as well, everything comes well together and makes an experience rarely found in most games today, even ones that cost thousands of dollars to produce and create, and are becomeing clones of other games and the cycles goes on and on.

This game is original, fun and adictive and i belive will become a important part of what helps to makes up newgrounds. Good work, you have contributed to the world, you can live or die happy :)


This game is so simple yet so satisfying on so many levels, i mean at first your lulled into a false sence of what to expect with the gentle music and rather placid setting, then all fo a sudden BOOM ITS ON. I sware when i first burst into flames i was laughing my ass off so hard i couldnt play the game, i was so happy with igniting and scareing the shit out of everyone i forgot i had to burn them as well.

Hats of man its simple stuff liek this that will give me a laugh all week,

you have made my day sir so i give you a 10


Lol i dont know why that game has made me laugh my ass off so hard, i just cant explain it...as utter bullshit as that game was somehow it managed to make me laugh, as for the questions, wtf i mean seriously dude WTF, bush doesnt need a calculator to check the cost of his revenge the only answer is...ALOT, but that game sucked so much balls like really it did, i know its old and everything but id have to say (as much as it sucked) it still made me laugh so good job dude

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I Luv gundam wing

This is just really well done i reckon totally sutible for a gundam remix you did damn well

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WTF that made my day, Really well drawn and made me laugh keep it up!

Mmmm Gundam

Again im really impressed, being a big fan of Gundam im glad people are doing some art based on it, please submit more.


OMG thats lightning vs ODIN wow i luv Anything final fantasy and this Art has really made my day, your very talented and im just genrally impressed with your work, please do more finaly fantasy 13 when u can :#

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